Friday, January 8, 2010

Siberian tiger size

The Siberian tiger is typically 5–10 cm (2-4 inches) taller at the shoulders than the Bengal tiger, which is about 107–110 cm (42–43 in) tall. Males measure 270 to 330 cm long, females measure 240 to 265 cm long. The largest male, with largely assured references, measured 350 cm (138 in) "over curves" (330 cm/130 in. between pegs) in total length.The tail length in fully grown males is about 1 m (39 in).

The bodies of the now extinct western populations were generally less massive than that of their Far Eastern cousins, and their average size was slightly less. In Turkestan, male tigers exceeded 200 cm in length, though an estimated body length of 270 cm was recorded. Females were smaller in size, normally ranging between 160–180 cm. The body measurements, taken by the scientist of the Siberian Tiger Project in Sikhote-Alin, states that the average head and body length, measured in straight line, is of 195 cm (range 178-208) for the males and 174 cm (range 167-182 cm) for the females. The average tail measure 99 cm in the males and 91 cm in the females. The longest male (“Maurice”) measured 309 cm in total length (tail of 101 cm) and had a chest girth of 127 cm. The longest female (“Maria Ivanovna”) measured 270 cm in total length (tail of 88 cm) and had a chest girth of 108 cm. These measurements show that the present Amur tiger is longer than the Bengal tiger and the African lion. The skull of the Siberian tiger is distinguished by its larger overall size, as well as the great development of its sagittal crest, whose height and strength exceeds that of other tigers and the lion.

Maximum skull length in Amur male tigers is 361.8–383 mm, while the females range from 279.7-310.2 mm. The skull length of the males of Turkestan had a maximum length of 297.0-365.8 mm, while that of females was 195.7-255.5 mm. On January 10, 1954, a tiger killed on the Sumbar in Kopet-Dag had a skull greatest length of 385 mm, which is considerably more than the known maximum for this population and slightly exceeds that of most Far Eastern tigers. However, it condylobasal length was of only 305 mm, smaller than those of the Amur tigers, with a maximum recorded condylobasal length of 342 mm. Based on skull measurements, it appears that the biggest Siberian tigers came from Manchuria, where today the cats are reduced to a handful of individuals. The largest Manchurian skull on record measures 406 mm in length, which is about 20–30 mm more than the maximum skull lengths achieved by tigers from the Amur region and northern India.

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  1. They really are the largest species of cats in the world.But there are bigger cats, called liger, they were created by crossing lions and tigers and can weight up to 450 kg.

  2. Great post. Unfortunately their size do not help them in the fight against poachers.
    World's biggest cat

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