Friday, January 1, 2010

Siberian Tiger Fur

Siberian tiger fur is moderately thick, rough and sparse in comparison with other animals that live in the former Soviet Union. Compared to, summer and winter coat of tigers from the Far East Siberia is drastically different from other subspecies. Generally, western population fur is lighter and more uniform than far eastern population. Summer fur is harsh, short and rare, while winter is longer, thicker, softer and silkier ( this is the main reason why they hunted mostly in the winter). Winter fur looks pretty shaggy at the back, and evidently longer at the front end, almost covers the ears. Whiskers and hair on the occipital and top of the neck are very elongated, and looks like a mane, as in lions. Color of winter coat in the background is less bright and rusty compared to summer fur, and tends to be more orange. As winter fur is long, patterns appear broader with less defined outline.
Summer fur on the back is 15-17 mm long, 30-50 mm along the top of the neck, 25-35 mm in the stomach, and 14-16 mm in the tail. Winter coat on the back is 40-50 mm long, 70-110 mm along the top of the neck, on the throat is 70-95 mm, 60-100 mm on the chest and on abdomen is 65-105 mm long. Whiskers are 90-115 mm long.

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