Thursday, June 30, 2011

Siberian Tiger Found in the Trunk of a Car

A Siberian tiger was found in the trunk of a car! Police in Hubei, China were tracking down a car that was involved in a hit and run accident when it hit another vehicle on the highway. Police intercepted the car and started searching it. They were probably surprised to find an animal in the back!

What’s more surprising is that the Siberian tiger is one of the endangered species out there, so how did this guy get a hold of one?! One officer, Chen Yen, commented, “There was a strong stench coming from the boot so we opened it found something wrapped in a large canvas… We unwrapped it and found a giant tiger sitting in a cage. We don’t know why the man had it or where he was taking it but he didn’t have any papers for it.”

So far, the man has not said anything related to the tiger and is in custody facing hit and run charges and wild animal abuse charges.

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