Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy News for Russian Amur Tigers

Vladimir Putin backs fight to save the Amur tiger following Russian ranger's WWF award
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The far eastern amur tiger

Amur tiger: it is among the world's most endangered specie. Following Siberian ranger Anatoly Belov's WWF award, Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin has put his weight behind the fight to save the Amur tiger
Russia’s prime minister Vladimir Putin and rangers on the ground step up the struggle to save the Amur tiger, which national and WWF conservationists have managed to claw back from the brink of extinction.
While Vladimir Putin rallied world leaders at a “tiger summit” in St Petersburg, conservationists had further cause for modest celebration in the fight to save the far eastern Amur tiger.

In England, Russian park ranger Anatoly Belov received the World Wildlife Fund’s highest award for his 22-year battle against those who would drive the species to extinction. And back on his home turf in the Primorsky Region, the first successful prosecution in six years amid moves towards imposing jail sentences finally took the fight to the illegal hunters.

It’s been a close call for the Amur tiger, but thanks to conservationists its numbers have grown from 50 in 1960 to around 500 today. “The results of our work speak for themselves,” Mr Belov, 48, said after receiving the 2010 WWF’s Duke of Edinburgh Conservation Medal at a ceremony hosted by Prince Philip in Windsor Castle.

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