Friday, October 1, 2010

WWF tiger t-shirts cause wearers to be shot

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) launched a campaign against the shooting of Siberian Tigers in Russia. The charity didn’t just rely on pamphlets and traditional PR campaigns, though. Instead it turned to augmented reality through the use of specially designed t-shirts with tiger shaped drawings.

The t-shirts were distributed offline and online. Offline the t-shirts could be tried on in clothing stores throughout Russia. When the wearer stepped in front of a special mirror an animation was triggered which demonstrated what it would be like to be shot like a Siberian Tiger. Those who bought t-shirts online could access a special website which would allow the wearer to use their webcam to activate the animation.

The campaign was supported by Russian celebrities and led to 200,000 people signing up against the shooting of the Siberian Tiger.

Unfortunately, exactly these t-shirts from these video are still not possible to buy online, even though they announced that it is available online.You can buy some WWF ( World Wildlife Foundation) t-shirts on Amazon, such as: Growling White Tiger T-shirt,  Blue Eyed White Tiger T-shirt or  any other WWF t-shirt.

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